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Ben Wynter - CEO 

Ben Wynter is seen amongst peers and industry, as an individual that drives the catalyst for reform, amongst unseen and under represented communities.  His previous role at the PRS Foundation lead to the provision of more the £1million in grants funding and increasing the percentage of ethnic, regional and female-identifying grantees. He created and launched the Hitmaker Fund, the only fund of its kind in the UK that supports behind the scenes songwriters and producers with grant funding, forming a sustainable partnership with music giant Spotify. 

His most recent accolade includes the launch of the incendiary initiative, ‘Power Up’, which addresses anti-Black racism and racial disparities in the music sector. Through a holistic participant programme, the initiative is breaking down barriers through education and aiming to create;


  • A fairer, more equitable music industry for Black creators and industry professionals

  • Better representation in all sectors of the UK music industry

  • To support innovative and exciting Black talent to create exceptional new music in all genres and at all career levels

  • To amplify the work of Black creators and industry professionals to accelerate change

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Born and raised in the heart of London, Camden, Wynter’s heritage is jointly Sierra Leonean and Jamaican. His first foray into the music business saw him join the team at Sony Records where at just 20 years of age he co-ordinated below the line campaigns, for global talent including JLo, Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey and more. He them moved to intern for Chris Rock in New York following a stint as A&R for Sanctuary Records. In 2004 Wynter worked on building the Urban Music Seminar. Co-hosted by Damon Dash and Roc-a-fella Records, the seminar was the largest urban event of its kind in Europe drawing an eager crowd of over 15,000 young people in two days. Alongside DKG/Coast Music, Wynter then went on to project manage award winning soul singer Rhian Benson, as well as project managing, former Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson‘s debut solo album release A New Kind of Medicine. 

Wynter is blazing a trail in an industry where there is disconnect and disharmony amongst the underrepresented. Why this is important for him to challenge is almost a personal desire to see people win. He is operating in a space that few lack the authenticity to operate from. A space that many would like to navigate, but lack the connectivity and vision to bridge the gap. The people and the business. 


The future for Wynter and the Unstoppable Music Group is to further cement the element of education into communities that are lacking that real life industry knowledge. The future is to act as a springboard to propel excellent talent, uncovered gems from these said communities into the global music industry. The future is to heighten the voices that are calling for reform and growth to meet in the middle of the music business. The future is to invest, not only financially but cerebrally into the growth of the now booming digital ecosystem. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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