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Chantelle Lee is a Eurasian singer/songwriter from London amassing attention from across the music industry with her effortless melodies and pure singing talent. Having developed under Unstoppable Music Group, she has already penned and recorded songs for her upcoming project with renowned producers and writers in the music business. Mario Winans [The Weeknd, Burna Boy], JR Blender [Dua Lipa, Major Lazer, Diplo], Sky Adams [Doja Cat, Kylie Minogue], Victoria Horn[Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez], Jess Agombar [Jonas Brothers, BTS] Dot Inc [Wretch 32, Giggs] and Sigma are a few of the many global talents collaborating with Chantelle.

Not one to shy away from the stage, the young popstar has performed live at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City.With a star-studded line up of talent having worked with Chantelle and industry heavyweight Danny D, co-founder of Stellar Songs, lending his support to her development, success cannot be far away!

“Working with Chantelle was great. Her voice is unique and she is very witty when it comes to melodies and harmonies. I see her doing great things in music!” –Mario Winans.

Born and raised in Singapore by an English mother and Singaporean-Chinese father, Chantelle spent much of her formative years traveling around the globe as an international student until settling in London at 12. She now lives in North London with her mother and twin brothers [EDM music producers Twin Leesigned to Sigala]. Chantelle explains that “Music has always been such a massive part of our family, it drives our mum crazy when my brothers and I are constantly creating and playing loud music” says Chantelle.

Growing up, C-Pop, K-Pop, and J-Pop dominated the environment but Chantelle also found herself listening to British and American Pop and R&B music. Merging her Eastern and Western roots, Chantelle is perfectly poised to follow in the footsteps of BTS and Black Pink to transition and appeal to both territories with her multicultural brand. Bilingual in English and Mandarin, Chantelle has already been featured on the front cover of Asia’s no.1 teen magazine – Justeen Magazine, as well as in Teen Vogue, and NOW magazine where she was rated as one of “The Next Biggest Millennials”. She has also modelled for Italian pop giant Guess.

With her sultry and stylistic approach to music and fashion, she has gained over a quarter of a million followers across her social media platforms.  Chantelle’s musical style is fundamentally Pop/R&B with undertones of C-Pop and K-Pop. Citing her influences as Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Jhene Aiko and Black Pink, Chantelle uses her highs and lows as ammunition for her music. Her songwriting explores her insecurities and vulnerabilities growing up as a mixed-race female in the digital age.

“I have dealt and am still dealing with the all the self-criticism, beauty standards and hate that surfaces online. Alongside many others, I face these societal hurdles and expectations daily. My music reflects that and is a voice for every other person, female and male undergoing these pressures in the digital age.” 

Chantelle combines both Eastern and Western influences in her music and art, uniting two powerhouse regions and unlocking new doorways to collaborations across the globe. The industry is excited to see Chantelle claim her global spotlight and diversify pop culture. This is just the beginning of what proves to be an Unstoppable journey for the pop starlet.