Chris Estwick


Favourite Team: Manchester United

Favourite place to eat: Mums house. Can’t beat a home-cooked meal

3 Desert Island essentials: My laptop, hard drive and Bluetooth speakers. Can’t do without my music and need that bass!

Favourite book: Anansi stories. Funny enough I am a bit old for those books now but they reflect my history and will be a part of my family for generations to come

Favourite film: Too many possibilities but The Negotiator is a film I could watch endlessly. One of Samuel L Jacksons best

Top 3 favourite songs: Michael Jackson – P.Y.T., Krosfyah – Pump Me Up, Bob Marley – Wait in Vain

Favourite producer/composer: Timbaland

Favourite artist: The Fugees

Inspirational figure: Oprah Winfrey

What people should know: I wanted to be a bus driver as I had a fascination for driving. Not the best idea but hey I was young.

Favourite Quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” (Slightly abbreviated)

What makes him Unstoppable? My desire to succeed is what makes me Unstoppable. I want to win as much as I want to breathe. I know how much my parents sacrificed in order for me to have the opportunities that they weren’t given. As a result, I want to ensure those opportunities are taken so that I can be an example to my siblings and one day to my own family.


Chris was initiated into the world of music by his father who was a well-known DJ at West Indian dances. He soaked up the nuances of how to keep a crowd engaged, reading audiences and was hooked. He began to explore his musical ability and learnt to play the guitar, steel pans sang with his church choir.

Chris is a graduate of Middlesex University where he received a BA degree in Music and Arts Management. Armed with this award and paired with his passion for the music business, Chris launched his own management company – E.C.O.E. Management. Chris quickly developed a reputation for spotting emerging talent in its early stages and is a regular face on the London live circuit building up an impressive contact book.

Chris specialises in artist development, artist and producer management.

To contact Chris email:

Instagram: @bigceemusic